LUDITaret Puzzle Animals, with Edge
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LUDITaret Puzzle Animals, with Edge


The 25 tiles form a comfortable mat for safe play. Insulates the child from the cold and absorbs shocks.

Giant puzzle with animals to reassemble, to fit together, with folding edge.

Age: + 10 months


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LUDI Animal Puzzle Carpet, with Border it is perfect for creating a safe, hygienic, comfortable and super fun play corner!

Comfortable, hygienic, colorful and with worked textures, LUDI foam tiles will accompany the child in his first games in complete safety!

LUDI Animal Puzzle Carpet, with Border insulates from the cold, absorbs shocks, resists small teeth and stimulates the child's curiosity.

Attached to each other, the 25 tiles and its edges provide the child with a super play mat measuring 120 x 120 cm, ideal for crawling or having fun with his favorite toys!

Solid and comfortable (thickness: 1,3 cm), the cards fit together well and guarantee the safety of the child.

The animals are composed of different rounded and colored shapes which will encourage your baby's fine motor skills and visual acuity by stimulating his imagination.

The carpet can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Adjust the mat to your liking - by raising the edges, you can create a fun area.

With this mat, older children can practice making the 3D puzzle!


Suitable for children over 10 months of age.

Mat size: 120 x 120 x 1,3cm.
Dimensions of a tile: 31,5 x 31,5 x 1,3 cm.

100% EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).
New generation cards with a formamide level below 200 ppm.

Hand washable in cold water. If you notice an odor, ventilate for 24 hours.

Expand your mat! Animal cards are compatible with references: 10005 and 10004.

The package contains:

1 LUDI Animal Puzzle Carpet, with Border