Libero Touch Diapers for Premature Babies (0-2,5 kg)

Libero Touch Diapers for Premature Babies (0-2,5 kg)


Free Touch is a specially designed nappy for very young or premature babies under 2,5kg.

With special shape that allows you to leave the navel free.

Pack of 24 pieces


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Free Touch Premature Diapers they are specially designed for very young or premature babies under 2,5kg.

Specially shaped to leave space in the waist area and release pressure from the delicate navel.

Equipped with extra soft surface and flexible barriers to prevent leakage on the baby's tummy and back.

The indicator on the diaper changes from yellow to blue when it's time to change the diaper. This helps keep the baby's skin soft and dry.

Super absorbent core prevents leaks.

All Libero nappies have a super absorbent core that provides up to 12 hours of dryness. This high absorbency, combined with the nappy's effective dispersion barriers, keeps baby's skin dry.

Hook closure for a comfortable fit:

Libero nappies have hook fastening tabs that are attached to the front of the nappy, which can be opened and closed as many times as needed to achieve the perfect fit. Whether the baby is sitting or standing, the elastic waistband and hook closure adapt to the baby's movements.

The pack contains 24 Libero Touch Premature Diapers



Nordic Ecolabel

For Libero, environmental protection is a priority. We could never deal with baby products without considering the importance of the environment.

We constantly work to minimize the environmental impact in every single phase, for example in the choice of suppliers, in the production processes, in the decision of materials, design, shape and packaging.

So, regardless of which size of Libero you buy, it will be the right choice from an environmental point of view.