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Libero Touch Diapers for Premature Babies (0-2,5 kg)


Free Touch is a specially designed nappy for very young or premature babies under 2,5kg.

With special shape that allows you to leave the navel free.

Pack of 24 pieces


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Free Touch Premature Diapers specially designed for very young or premature babies under 2,5 kg.

Size Premature (0-2,5 kg)

Contoured to leave room in the waist area and release pressure from the delicate navel.

Equipped with extra soft surface and flexible barriers to prevent leakage on the baby's tummy and back.

Soft and comfortable
Libero Touch softer diaper: takes care of your baby's delicate skin.
Made with super soft and breathable materials that are gentle on your baby's skin and delicate belly button.
Shaped in front to protect the navel.

Baby delicate skin care
Asthma Allergy Nordics recommended products are suitable for children with sensitive skin.
Dermatologically tested to be as natural and gentle as possible.
Without lotion, so you can protect your baby's skin according to its specific needs.

Sustainable choices for the future of our children
Over 50% of the packaging is made from renewable material.
Only certified renewable electricity is used in Libero's diaper factories.
Certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
Made from FSC certified cellulose.

Leakage protection.
Wonderfully soft and highly effective leak barriers.
Thin, elastic and super absorbent core.
By holding the core together and the diaper in place, the flexible core and its channels also provide wonderful flexibility.

Fit and movement
Libero Touch, thanks to super soft materials, delicately dresses the newborn. Equipped with an elastic waistband in the back and on the sides.
Gently adjusts to your newborn's tummy.

Smart and convenient
Libero Touch has an indicator that changes color when it's time to change the nappy, so you're sure to always guarantee your little one's skin in the best conditions.
Flexible closure for a tailored fit.
Tabs that can be overlapped so the diaper stays in place.

Clever design inspired by nature
A design inspired by nature called Nordic Touch.
Inspired by the trees, plants and berries of the region.
Two different prints per size.
Marks in front to help you secure it correctly.


A diaper that ensures super softness for the baby's skin.
Packaging material made up of more than 50% renewable material.
Made with only certified renewable electricity in our diaper factories.
Super soft and breathable materials.
Soft fit thanks to the flexible and thin core with channels.
Ideal for when your little one weighs up to 2,5kg.
Gently flexible with every movement of your newborn.
Without lotion, dermatologically tested and recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic.
Made from FSC certified cellulose and certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Free Touch Premature Diapers they are specially designed for very young or premature babies under 2,5kg.

The package contains:

24 diapers