BuggyBoard Maxi Stroller Platform
Universal Stroller Platform
Brand name:

Lascal Footboard BuggyBoard Maxi Stroller

93.00 - 95.00

Universal stroller platform.
Very useful when traveling with two children of different ages.
Suitable for children from 2 to 6 years (maximum weight 22 kg)

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La BuggyBoard Maxi Stroller Platform it is universal, with a rectangular base, suitable for carrying the second child.

Very useful when traveling with two children of different ages, one of which is carried in a pram or stroller and the other walks but can get tired easily or still be too small to go fast when you are in a hurry.

Suitable for children from 2 to 6 years (maximum weight 22 kg).

La BuggyBoard Maxi Stroller Platform it easily attaches to the stroller structure, the platform remains securely anchored and can be quickly removed when not needed or simply folded while remaining attached to the stroller.

Safety: non-slip surface with side protection structure; wide platform, stable and comfortable and safe for the baby.

Comfortable and safe driving: the Max-COMFORT ™ wheel suspension system guarantees practical driving even on bumps and uneven terrain.

The wheels also have a large diameter to ensure the parent can walk comfortably and are equipped with side reflectors to give greater visibility at night.

Adjustable in width, BuggyBoard Maxi can be easily attached to the vertical tubes of a stroller or to the frame of a pram with a width between the vertical tubes of 31 - 54 cm (12 "- 21").

The connectors fit square, oval or round tubing up to 22,5 cm (9 ″) in circumference. An axle with wheels is not necessary.


► Square tubes: maximum circumference 16,8 cm / 6,6 ″.

Max. 4,2 x 4,2 cm (1,6 "x 1,6")

► Round tubes: max. ø 18,8 cm / 7,4 ".
Min. Ø 1 cm (0,4 ")
Max. Ø 6 cm (2,3 ")

► Oval tubes: max. ø 22,5 cm / 8,8 "

BUGGYBOARD MAXI PLATFORM DIMENSIONS: The BuggyBoard Mini platform is 17,5 cm deep and 36 cm wide, suitable for stroller and pram structures with a width from 31 to 54 cm (see images for further details).

Tested and Approved
The BuggyBoard ™ is tested and approved by the TÜV according to the relevant clauses in the European standard EN1888: 2005. All components are tested and meet the standard for baby products according to REACH (EU) and CPSIA (US).

What is included:

1 Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi platform with 2 connectors


BuggyBoard Maxi Stroller Footboard is also available with seat!



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