Inglesina Electa Trio with Cab Car Seat
Inglesina Electa Trio with Cab Car Seat

Inglesina Electa Trio with Cab Car Seat


Trio Electa is ideal for metropolitan life. Thanks to its lightness and compactness it can be taken anywhere without ever giving up on the well-being of the child.

Include: Welcome Pad ™ carrycot + mattress. Car seat model Cab R44 / 04 Group 0+. Sdandup support. Seat stroller. Leg cover for stroller. Chassis. Basket for objects. Bring drinks.

Suitable from birth up to 22 kg of the child

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Inglesina Electa Trio, thanks to its low weight it can be easily carried up and down stairs and in and out of public transport, holding the child in your arms.

When closed, the frame takes up the size of a travel trolley and can be conveniently stored even in the trunk of the smallest city car!

From trio to System Quattro: Non-Stop Sleeping

Inglesina Electa Trio iIncludes frame, cradle, stand up, stroller seat and car seat.

Inglesina Electa System Quattro follows the growth of the child from birth up to 22 kg (4 years), from sleep to walk.

In the first few months of life, your baby will need a lot of sleep (even 16-18 hours a day).
This is why Inglesina QUATTRO: a system that allows walk-home-car mobility in the continuity of healthy rest and safe sleep of the child.

Inglesina Electa Trio is equipped with a Cab car seat, approved according to the new ECE R 44/04 regulation for group 0+ (from 0 to 13 kg).



For the correct physiological development of the newborn it is important to guarantee the lying and horizontal position for as long as possible.

Thanks to its generous internal dimensions (79 x 37 cm) it can lie comfortably for at least 6 months, even when wrapped in a winter bag or when wearing a padded onesie.

The adjustable backrest facilitates digestion after feeding. The adjustment in several positions, with a centralized mechanism, allows the child to observe the outside world even when lying down.

The bottom of the cot is equipped with a ventilation control system to regulate the air flow and the temperature inside the cot.

The padded fabric promotes thermal insulation while the breathable material inserts keep the environment cool and ventilated.

Mesh window that can be opened on the hood that favors the circulation of air inside the cradle.

Fabric hood with UV protection treatment (UPF50), equipped with a removable front panel for protection from direct light even when the sun is low.

Every detail is designed to make the first moments with your baby easier, always guaranteeing maximum comfort, starting with the “quick-access” cover which, thanks to the opening zip, facilitates the positioning of the baby.

It easily detaches from the frame or from the stand-up through a convenient centralized mechanism. It also guarantees maximum hygiene by avoiding bringing the frame home.

The Electa carrycot is designed for transport by car and approved for group 0 (children from 0 to 10 kg), according to the European standard ECE R44 / 04, using the special Car Kit (sold separately).


Welcome Pad ™

In the first months of life, the bone and muscle structure of the newborn is very fragile: the lying and supine position allows not to overload any part of the body, distributing its weight evenly.

As soon as your baby is born, he is fragile and defenseless, he leaves the safety of your womb to look out into the outside world: help him feel comfortable, protected, collected and maintain the correct posture, thanks to the innovative Welcome Pad ™ supplied on all our wheelchairs.

Designed by Inglesina in collaboration with the Neonatology department of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna, and built in compliance with the most recent scientific guidelines in terms of well-being and safety.

Give the baby the wrapping and protection it needs, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life.

Attenuates the risk of plagiocephaly (the so-called flat head syndrome).

It promotes the comfortable maintenance of the supine position and helps to keep the airways aligned.
It adapts to the growth of the child, thanks to the adjustable wedge for supporting the legs.

The mattress is made of compact foam with 40 evenly distributed ventilation holes. The part in contact with the child is covered in highly breathable bamboo fiber. The bottom is in 3D mesh to improve air circulation and prevent the formation of humidity.

Welcome Pad ™ and mattress are made of Bamboo Fiber, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and highly breathable, perfect for the delicate skin of babies.



With the practical Standup you can use the cot to ensure your baby sleeps peacefully, even at home.

In the first months of life you will need a lot of sleep, up to 16-18 hours a day.

If you fall asleep after returning from a walk, place the cradle comfortably and hygienically on the Standup and transform it into a real bed for a sweet rest.


Car seat (egg)

For every journey in the car, even the shortest, always secure your child in the car seat.

Inglesina Cab it is approved according to the ECE R44 / 04 standard for group 0+ (from 0 to 13 kg in weight).

Very comfortable thanks to the ergonomic shape, the generous dimensions and the angle of inclination, the Inglesina Cab car seat is also easy to carry thanks to its lightness (only 4,4 Kg.).

The CAB car base can be purchased separately.

Choose the car seat that's right for you. The Quattro Electa system is made with two different car seats: Ingleisna Cab (included in this offer) and Inglesina Darwin i-Size, click here to see Quattro Electa System with Darwin i-Size.



Thanks to the exclusive patented system by Inglesina, the frame opens and closes with one hand and stands up by itself when closed without the handle ever touching the ground.

Incredibly light. Only 5,5 kg. You can easily carry and load it anywhere!

When closed it is extremely compact and stands up on its own, preventing the handle from touching the ground.

Thanks to a cutting-edge chassis, Electa moves easily to all corners of the city with extreme ease. And thanks to the width of only 50 cm it can pass even through the tightest spaces.

The generous dimensions of the wheels (215 mm in the rear and 175 in the front) and ball bearings make it manageable and easy to drive.

The handle adjusts in height to offer a comfortable guide for parents of all sizes.

The very large and deep basket allows you to load everything you need to face your adventures. It features a built-in pocket for storing and keeping small items close at hand.

The profile in reflective material makes walking in the evening safer.

The Electa stroller is the ideal travel companion for your adventures in the city. Easy to drive, it closes in an instant and thanks to its lightness it can also be carried while holding the child in your arms.

The Electa stroller closes with the seat hooked in both directions and stands upright by itself. Once closed it is compact and takes up the size of a trolley.

Thanks to the very wide and padded seat (54 × 32 cm) your child will be comfortable even when he is older.
The backrest can be reclined in 7 positions thanks to a centralized control, the seat becomes horizontal to ensure correct posture and comfort. Your baby's legs are always comfortably supported by the adjustable footrest, allowing him to use the stroller for longer even in the sleeping position.
The hood protects against UV rays and the front panel helps when the sun is low. The full-cover guarantees maximum protection even when lying down.
The mesh insert on the hood helps air circulation inside the seat and keeps the environment both cool and ventilated.
The soft and padded leg cover can be easily attached. Thus, providing him with shelter from the cold becomes immediate.
The reversible seat allows you to use the stroller in two different directions.
Parent-facing for the first months where the child needs reassurance thanks to the gaze and contact of mom and dad, facing the world for when he is older.
The right time to change direction? It will be the child himself who will make it clear: if he will continually turn around to look around, then he will mean that he is ready to discover the world.
Dimensions and weight

Stroller dimensions open:
50 x 107 x 83-96 cm (wxhxd)
Stroller dimensions closed:
50 x 73,5 x 30 cm (wxhxd)
Stroller weight: 8,7 kg


What is included in Inglesina Electa Trio with Cab Car Seat:

Welcome Pad ™ + mattress.
Car seat model Cab R44 / 04 Group 0+.
Standup support.
Seat stroller.
Leg cover for stroller.
Basket for objects.
Bring drinks.

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