Dili Best Set Natural Green Tea Bed Sheets
Dili Best Bed Sheets Set Natural LIGHT BLUE POWDER
Brand name:

Dili Best Natural Bed Sheets Set, 110 × 160 cm


Cot set consisting of top sheet and matching pillowcase. Made of very soft satin mixed bamboo.

Measurements: sheet 110 x 160 cm, pillowcase 60 x 40 cm.

100% Made in Italy

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Il Natural Bed Sheets Set is a set for your baby's cot, consisting of a top sheet and matching pillowcase.

Made of soft, breathable and delicate satin blend bamboo, safe for your baby's health and skin.

Resistant and easy to maintain, it becomes softer with each wash.

It can be combined with the Natural sunbed to the other textile items for cot of the same collection.


Dimensions: bed sheet 110 x 160 cm, pillowcase 60 x 40 cm

Color: talc pink, powder blue, green tea.

Materials: 50% satin + 50% Bamboo

All components, even if padded, can be washed in the washing machine using neutral detergents. Carefully follow the washing instructions on the product label

What is included:

1 bottom sheet with elastic corners.

Dili Best Natural

“From a mother for all mothers and their sweet babies”, the brand new is born Dili Best Natural Collection, characterized by soft colors, simple lines and natural, certified and safe materials.
100% Made in Italy.

All the fabrics of the Dili Best Natural Collection have been selected on the basis of their qualities and characteristics that are safe for the health of the whole family and are environmentally sustainable:

Materials from natural fibers such as bamboo and cotton have been used. Having a porous structure, bamboo has the power to absorb excess sweat and provide perspiration thus maintaining a natural body thermoregulation.

A unique feature of bamboo fabrics is its antibacterial quality due to a bio antimicrobial agent that is inherent in the fiber itself. It is called "bamboo kun" and tends to reduce the bacteria hidden in the fibers of the clothes and therefore on the skin.

Bamboo was once also called "artificial silk", soft on the skin, enveloping and imperceptible, perfect for the delicate skin of the baby. Bamboo fiber is part of the viscose family and its luster is one of the most appreciated qualities.

The fibers used are guaranteed GOTS which is the most important international standard for the sustainable production of garments made of natural fibers from organic farming; the OEKO-TEX certification certifies its non-toxicity and healthiness.

The organic fabrics, specifically the cotton used, are produced through organic production systems and the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, toxic and persistent in the environment, has been eliminated. Cotton does not come from genetically modified (GMO) seeds.

We love nature and also love our raw materials. Dili Best Natural fabrics respect animals and the environment therefore they have the characteristic of its sustainability. Organic cotton is a sustainable and ecological material.


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Powder Blue, Talc Pink, Green Tea