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Cybex SensorSafe 4in1 Safety Kit Infant Anti-Abandonment Device for Group 0+


Cybex SensorSafe Safety Kit Infant is a smart solution to keep track of your baby's safety and well-being.

Compatible with all CYBEX Group 0+ car seats


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Cybex SensorSafe 4 in 1 Safety Kit is a smart solution for keeping track of your baby's safety and well-being.

Compatible with all CYBEX Group 0+ car seats

Safe. Intelligent. Connected.

More peace of mind for you, more safety for your baby!

Cybex SensorSafe 4 in 1 Safety Kit once attached to the belt system of your car seat, it connects to your smartphone and shows you the essential notifications to prevent critical situations: when your child unfastens the seat belts or risks heatstroke due to high ambient temperatures, sudden changes in temperature or being left in the vehicle, or when he has been sitting for too long.

Most important features

Child still in the car

If the child is left alone in the car, the SensorSafe clip sends a notification directly to your smartphone.

If you prefer, SensorSafe can also alert emergency contacts by telling them the location of the vehicle.

Temperature warning

The clip SensorSafe monitors the ambient temperature in the vehicle to avoid overheating or overcooling of your baby.

When temperatures are too high or too low, the app sends a push notification to your smartphone.

Belt system check

The SensorSafe clip prevents the child from slipping out of the belt system. If the child manages to open the clip, the system will promptly send a notification to your smartphone.

"Take a break" notification

To prevent your child from sitting in the car for too long, the “Take a Break” notification alerts you that the SensorSafe clip has been closed for too long and prompts you to take a break.

Color: Grey.

The package contains:

1 anti abandonment device