Hearts Montessori bed Moovie
Brand name:

Hearts Set Textile Cot Moovie


Hearts Set Textile Cot Moovie it is made up of duvet cover, duvet and pillowcase

Made in Italy


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Hearts Set Textile Cot Moovie it is perfect to combine with the cot and the bedroom Moovie hearts.

Made with natural and machine washable fabrics, designed to be delicate in contact with the sensitive skin of the little ones.

Hearts Set Textile Cot Moovie it is made up of a duvet cover, duvet and pillowcase.

Material: 100% cotton

Made in Italy

Little hearts

The bedroom furniture and the Cuoricini textiles are safe, beautiful and of high quality.
Designed and made in Italy respecting nature.
Cuoricini believes in eco-sustainability and in the quality of the environment as well as in the well-being of the child.

The package contains:

Duvet cover, duvet and pillowcase.

(tent and cot sold separately)

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Be Wild Orange, Be Wild Sage, Gray, Pink, Sage