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Bubble E Co Baby Baby Bath 500 ml


Cleanser for sensitive, atopic, psoriatic and eczema skin


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Bubble Baby Baby Bath 500 ml, dedicated to your baby!

Product safety: without parabens, animal derivatives, laureth, EDTA, GMOs, alkaline soaps, dyes, SLS, SLES, PEG and synthetic fragrances. Label with natural colors. Biological glue.

Suitability: for sensitive, atopic, psoriatic and eczema skin. Especially recommended for newborns.

Action: its content in vitamins E, mallow, chamomile and linseed with a soothing and emollient action, carries out a protective action while respecting the pH that is not yet acidic in the skin of newborns. Moisturizing, prevents redness.

Use: pour the product into water or apply the bath on a sponge or directly on the skin, massage gently and rinse.

Content: 500 ml