Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size 76-105 cm Car Seat
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Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size 76-105 cm Car Seat

399.00 - 465.50


Car seat approved UN R129 / 03, i-Size 76 - 150 cm

Suitable from 15 months up to approximately 12 years.

Installation with ISOFIX and Top Tether hooks

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Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size keeps your baby safe and comfortable, from 15 months to 12 years.

Suitable for children with a height of 76-150cm (15 months - 12 years)

Approved to the latest i-Size standards, it comes with a 5-point harness that offers extended use up to 21kg.

Easily convertible for use with the vehicle's 3-point safety belt, the proven technologies of XP-PAD and SecureGuard offer front impact protection, while SICT protects your child from side impacts.

Extra comfort and flexibility - for every family

Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size offers maximum comfort for your baby, along with complete flexibility.

Thanks to FLIP & GROW function, you can easily switch between the integrated 5-point harness and the car's 3-point safety belt as your child moves on to the next stage.

And since no parts need to be removed from the seat when changing phases, the seat can also be converted back at any time.


V-shaped headrest, designed to control the movement of your baby's head, our V-shaped headrest ensures optimal protection in the event of a side collision

top tether, minimizes the rotation of the car seat and thus reduces possible injuries in the head and neck area in the event of a side collision.

EasyRecline, suitable for all ages and allows you to adjust the seat in comfortable reclined positions, even when the child is sitting

Quick-release cover, the machine washable seat cover that can be easily removed without removing the harness, so you can quickly clean and get on the road.

Britax Römer Pivot Link ISOFIX system, in the event of an impact, directs the force first downward into the vehicle seat and then forward, more gently, greatly reducing the risk of head and neck injuries for the child.

5-point beltIn the event of an impact, the harness distributes the forces of the impact to 5 points, two on the shoulders, two on the hips and one where the harness folds between the legs. This helps protect your child from all directions of impact.

Soft neoprene chest pads,  help reduce your child's movements in the event of a collision and add even more comfort to the 5-point harness.

Unique neck and chest protection, To protect the sensitive area of ​​your baby's neck in the event of a frontal impact, Britax Römer has developed a shock-absorbing foam pad. Prevents the impact of your baby's chin on the chest by absorbing up to 30% * of the energy. A jerking movement of the head forward is reduced and the neck is protected. At the same time it provides additional padding around the edges of the seat belt.

* Test by Britax Römer 2019

SecureGuard, helps protect the baby's delicate abdominal area by adding an extra point of contact to the 3-point safety belt, a 4th. By keeping the lap belt in an optimal position over the child's pelvic bones, SecureGuard helps reduce abdominal forces in a frontal collision by up to 35% * while allowing the child freedom of movement while traveling.

* Internal testing by Britax Römer with a Q6 manikin, representing an average 6-year-old child

Advanced Side Impact Protection - SICT

SICT offers superior protection to your child in the event of a side collision.

It reduces impact forces by minimizing the distance between the car and the seat and deforms to absorb energy before it reaches your little one. P.

To benefit from the protection, simply adjust the SICT on the side of the car seat closest to the door.

Highback booster protection

Advansanfix protects your baby in 3 ways:

  1. seat shell provides head to hip protection for your child, especially in a side impact;
  2. the upper and lower belt guides ensure the correct positioning of the safety belt;
  3. padded headrest provides safety and comfort for your baby's head and neck.



Advansafix i-Size it is always installed in the direction of travel.

ISOFIX with Top Tether (76 to 102 cm tall child)

ISOFIX is a standard connection point system found in almost all cars. This establishes a safe and stable connection between the child's car seat and the car. An even safer installation is completed with the use of Top Tether to allow for optimal stability.

Harness with ISOFIX attachment (from 100 to 150 cm in height of the child)

This child car seat must be installed using your vehicle's 3-point safety belt and your car's ISOFIX anchor points.

This ensures a firm and secure connection between the car seat and the car, even when the child is not sitting on it.

Belt (from 100 to 150 cm in height of the child)

This car seat can be installed with the car's 3-point seat belt. This option is useful if you will be transferring the car seat to different cars which may not all have ISOFIX anchor points. The seat belt guides on the car seat will help you install the seat correctly.

Product details:

Dimensions (H x W x D) 60-83 x 44 x 47 cm
Weight 11 kg

The package contains:

1 Advansafix i-Size Car Seat

Optional accessories (sold separately):

Summer Cover


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