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Cybex Platinum Stroller Bag WE THE BEST by DJ Khaled


Wonderful bag with changing mat included.

Compatible with Cybex Platinum Mios, Priam strollers and the e-Priam electric stroller.

Cybex Design Collaboration WE THE BEST by DJ Khaled


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Spice up your style with the WE THE BEST Stroller Bag, designed by the Khaled family.

This bag will attract attention and spread positive vibes.

Ideal to always carry with you to have everything you need to be able to change the baby in a practical, fast and hygienic way.

In fact, thanks to the internal pockets and the included changing mat, you always have everything you need close at hand.

You can also detach the clutch bag and the bottle holder and use them independently of the bag.

The WE THE BEST Stroller Bag it easily attaches to the stroller and can also be used as a shoulder bag.

Can be used with strollers Cybex Platinum Mios, Priam and e-Priam electric stroller.


Cybex Platinum Design Collaboration WE THE BEST by DJ Khaled

A collection like no other!

The music mogul DJ Khaled, a Grammy winner, believes that family always comes first.

Together with CYBEX, his wife Nicole, and inspired by their two little “kings”, he has designed a truly incomparable collection full of wonders.

Keys to the Kingdom
The breathtaking collection exudes the beauty of a tropical jungle with an exotic animal kingdom.

A custom “We the Best” logo is emblazoned on each piece and the “key to the kingdom” on the hinge represents abundance, family and love.

The package contains

Stroller bag WE THE BEST by DJ Khaled, hooks to hang it on the stroller, changing mat, pochette and drink holder.