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Bobux Soft Sole Slippers Soft Sole Fin Charcoal

39.00 - 44.00

Soft shoes for babies learning to crawl and walk.

Made of high quality pure natural leather, breathable, with non-slip sole.

They do not slip off thanks to the elastic closure that does not tighten.

Non-toxic colors.

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Bobux Soft Sole is the line of soft shoes and flexible that ensure a correct fit for growing feet.

Breathable and safe, with a non-slip sole, specially designed for children who have started crawling and exploring their surroundings.

Think to be one valid alternative to bare foot, Bobux Soft Sole slippers they imitate the benefits that the foot would enjoy if it were barefoot, being able to develop healthy by adapting to the ground, while protecting it in all seasons.

Maximum comfort and safety 

The shoe does not slip away thanks to the elastic closure that does not tighten. Made of pure natural leather of the highest quality, breathable, with non-slip sole.

The soft Bobux shoes are colored with non-toxic water colors that pass the most stringent security checks. Your children will be safe even if they put the Bobux in their mouth!

Comfortable and safe for growth, but also nice and beautiful to look at! 

Bobux shoes are designed for growing feet, your child will be able to wear them for several months, in every season, having fun looking at the cute colored applications you have chosen for him.

Bobux Soft Sole it is more than a shoe: it is a means to give every child the possibility of having healthy feet that grow naturally.

Recommended by pediatricians, because they promote balance, coordination and natural posture.

Bobux uses only water-based dyes and non-toxic materials tested and compliant with all current safety and quality standards,
including game standards for children under 3 years old.

The production and treatment of the leather takes place in New Zealand, while the assembly takes place in Indonesia, under strict quality and safety controls.

Recognized by the American Podiatrist Association.

Choose the right size:

Bobux shoes are designed to include a small "space for growth and movement", so the size may seem larger than other brands.

This way your child will have approximately 14mm of space between the foot and the tip of the shoe, allowing 7mm of growth and 7mm of range of movement.

Your child's toes should never touch the end of the shoe.


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