Brand name:

BeSafe Anti-Abandonment Device


Innovative device to be inserted on the seat of the car seat.

It warns the parent with a notification (sound alarm) on the smartphone via the app, if he or she goes away leaving the child inside the car.

Universal, suitable for all car seats.


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BeSafe anti abandonment device It is compatible with all car seats BeSafe and most child seats on the market.

The innovative device is positioned on the seat of the car seat.

Through the smartphone application, it alerts the parent with a notification (and via sound alarm) in case he leaves leaving the child inside the car.

In case of non-response to the notification, it sends an SMS to preset telephone numbers indicating the geographical coordinates of the car, creating a real emergency network.

BeSafe anti abandonment device it has been designed to avoid the risk of leaving babies in the car. It is a cushion that can be easily installed on any car seat, it is not cluttered and does not bother the child.

BeSafe anti-abandonment device is waterproof, covered in hypoallergenic fabric, tested to ensure the absence of chemical agents that can cause irritation to the baby's skin, perfect in any season, even in summer.


Easily can be installed on all car seats

Battery life: 4 years (tested with an average daily use of two hours continuously for 365
Battery charge indicator with alarm when it reaches 5% of its power). At the end of its life the CIRCUIT is replaceable.

Possibility to manage up to 3 devices at the same time

Bluetooth technology
BeSafe App downloadable from Google Play and Apple Store
Compatible with iOS and Android system

Compliant with the principle of law 117 of 10/01/2018, which requires a device to prevent abandonment: the warning function is activated as soon as the car is turned off and helps to remind you that the child is still sitting.

Essential functional characteristics compliant with the law:

Suitable for children from 0 to 4 years.

It is activated automatically with each use.

Emits activation signal

When the car is turned off, it emits an audible alarm if the child is still in its seat.

Equipped with an automatic communication system for sending notifications through apps and smartphones.

The package contains:

1 anti-abandonment device.