Bamboom Bath Duo Poncho with Ears and Glove
Bamboom Bath Duo Poncho with Ears and Glove
Bamboom Bath Duo Poncho with Ears and Glove
Brand name:

Bamboom Bath Duo Sponge, Triangle Newborn Bathrobe 75 × 75 cm + Glove


Newborn bathrobe set with triangle hood and cute bunny ears and matching terry glove.

Made in Italy

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Bamboom Bath Duo Sponge Includes a baby towel with triangle hood and terry glove, made from soft organic bamboo that absorbs three times more than plain cotton.

Perfect for a day at the pool, at the beach or for a bath at home.

Equipped with a comfortable triangle hood with cute bunny ears, it wraps your baby in a warm and comfortable embrace.



Dimensions: 75 x 75 cm
Material: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton

Available colors: White, Light Blue, Pink, Cream Yellow and in the “chenille effect” version Velvet | Pink Powder, Velvet | Lead Gray and Velvet | Cream.

The products of the Bamboom collection are wonderfully soft and ideal for baby's sensitive skin, are made with organic Bamboo. Products 100% in Italy, with attention to small details and typically Italian quality.

The fabrics and materials used are OekoTex and EcoCert certified and are subject to strict quality controls.


Washing instructions:

Follow the instructions on the label.

Natural bamboo material may shrink up to 3-5% more than cotton.

It is therefore advisable to carefully shake the article immediately after washing and before drying.

Do not put in the dryer.


Properties and functions of Bamboo

It absorbs up to 3-4 times more than cotton.

Breathable thanks to the large open cell structure of the bamboo fiber.

Super Soft
Very soft like cashmere and silk.

Natural antibacterial
The bamboo plant has great antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Like wool, bamboo offers freshness in a warm environment and warmth in a cold environment.

Natural Deodorant
Bamboo fiber prevents moisture and sweat from accumulating on the skin.

UV protection
Bamboo contains honey pectin which absorbs UV rays.

Reduces static electricity
The bamboo fabric gives a pleasant sensation and acts like a second skin, particularly suitable for sensitive, dry and chapped skin.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of the bamboo plant, there is no need to use chemicals or pesticides during the processes

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Blue, Grey, Pink