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Babyzen YOYO Connect


Designed to transform your YOYO2 stroller into a double, twin or sibling stroller, light and ultra-light!

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Babyzen YOYO connect is a revolutionary accessory designed to transform your YOYO2 stroller into a double, twin or sibling stroller, light and ultra-manageable!


Single to double and double to single

Thanks to YOYO connect, your YOYO² turns into a double stroller in just one click, just hook the connector to the back of the stroller.


5 possible configurations to meet all your needs, perfect both for children with a small age difference or twins, and to accompany families from the birth of the first child to that of the second.

Twin stroller configuration:

Stroller 6+ months / Stroller 6+ months

Brother stroller configuration:

Pram / Stroller 6+ months
Stroller 6+ months / carrycot
Stroller 6+ months / Car Seat

ATTENTION: In configurationYOYO Connect with carrycot it is imperative to use of specific CONNECT adapters, sold separately.  QThese adapters cannot be used without YOYO connect.


Same patented folding system as YOYO2. No other transport solution for two children is so compact even when YOYO is packed with YOYO connect, in fact it is the first double stroller accepted as hand luggage *

Once folded, YOYO connect measures 52 x 44 x 24cm / 20,5 x 17,3 x 9,5in

Together with YOYO2 (52 x 44 x 18cm / 20,5 x 17,3 x 7,1inch)


YOYO connect weighs 6,2kg (13,6lbs) in 6+ mode.
Together with YOYO2 it is lighter than any other double stroller on the market.

Go beyond

A solution for a 44 cm (17,3 in) wide double stroller that goes through any door. Both children have easy access to their seats with optimal safety.


YOYO connect can be folded and attached to the back of your YOYO² stroller using two hooks on the frame and a fastening strap to secure the transport mechanism. This makes it easy to switch from double stroller to single stroller and vice versa.

Accessories compatible with Babyzen YOY Connect:

0+ carrycot

Parasol Umbrella Stroller

Bottle holder

 Winter Stroller Bag

Stroller Carrying Bag

All rain covers

All gingerbreads

Incompatible accessories: the platform, the stroller bag and the 0+ newborn cover are not compatible with YOYO connect.
The car seat and the legrest are not compatible with YOYO connect but can be connected to the YOYO² stroller when YOYO connect is attached.

Product details:

Compatible with all Babyzen YOYO2 and YOYO + frames

Instantly attaches to the back of the YOYO² stroller with a single click.

It can carry children up to a weight of 22 kg (48,5 lbs) each.

However, the maximum varies in the following countries:
18 kg (39,7 lbs): Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.
15 kg (33,1 lbs): China, Israel and Taiwan.

YOYO connect is not available in North America.


* YOYO strollers (folded dimensions: 52 x 44 x 18cm / 20,5 x 17,3 x 7,1 inches) and YOYO connect (folded dimensions: 52 x 44 x 24 / 20,5 x 17,3 x 9,5 , XNUMX inches) are accepted or recognized as hand luggage by most airlines. However, the standards for hand baggage may vary by airline and therefore we recommend that you check with your chosen airline before traveling.




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