Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Elastic Baby Carrier

Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Elastic Baby Carrier


Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Elastic Baby Carrier is in 100% organic cotton jersey without elastane.
About 5.50 meters long and 60cm high, it allows you to carry your baby up to 15 kg in different positions.

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Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Elastic Baby Carrier

  • Easy to use: One way to tie and wear the sash already lends itself to many positions and at different ages.
  • The band is without buckles, knots and buttons and therefore does not hinder, tighten or annoy the child.
  • It bends and it is not bulky and it is convenient to carry it with you, even if you are not going to use it.
  • With the Tricot Slen it is possible to carry the child both lying down and sitting. It can be used from birth. The baby's back, neck and head are perfectly supported. From the age of three months, the baby can be carried in a sitting position which is the ideal position for the development of a good hip joint. Your baby rests against you in a naturally relaxed way.
  • Breastfeed it is possible while the baby is carried in the sling.
  • It is suitable for every measure thanks to its length: babies from 0 months to 2 + years, mothers and fathers of all sizes.
  • Wellbeing of the child: the baby's back, neck and head are perfectly supported.
  • Well-being of the wearer: the baby's weight is ideally distributed on the bust and hips and does not tire the neck and back.
  • Organic fabric and non-toxic colors: recognized with the Oeko-100standard certificate and GOTS certificate.
  • Uterus with a view: This band is "uterine" and "welcoming", that is, it means that it gives you the feeling of returning to pregnancy. For those who have experienced a difficult birth or for those who finished the pregnancy "early" and their babies it offers the possibility to heal their emotional and physical pain in a "sweet" way, thus recovering the terminally interrupted phase of uterine life.

Why choose Tricot Slen?

Thanks to the elasticity this band is easier to use than a fabric band, because it adapts well to any shape even if it is not distributed everywhere and perfectly tightened. He will never hold you anywhere. For this reason, many wearers are able to use it more easily and comfortably.


The package contains:

1 Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic


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