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Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Elastic Baby Carrier


Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Elastic Baby Carrier is in 100% organic cotton jersey without elastane.
About 5.50 meters long and 60cm high, it allows you to carry your baby up to 15 kg in different positions.

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Babylonia Tricot Slen is a delightfully soft baby wrap made from 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified. Very welcoming and warm during the winter but also ideal during spring and autumn for children up to one year old or even older.

Super cozy, always fits!

Babylonia Tricot Slen it can be used immediately after birth and allows you to carry your baby in various positions, both in a hammock and in an upright position. The way to wear the wrap is always the same, so you just need to remember one way of tying.

Advantages of wearing a sling:

Being carried in a sling gives the baby a welcoming environment, similar to the mother's womb.
Calm crying and help manage your baby's sleep.
Settle the frequent colic in the first months of the baby's life.
Help the newborn to overcome the separation from the mother at birth.
Convenient for walks even in the city.
Leave the hands of the adult free, it can also be used at home.
Can be used all year round, both in the hot and cold seasons.
You can use it in both hot and cold seasons
Versatile because it can be used in different positions according to age and weight.
You can comfortably can even 2 twins in the first few months.
You can breastfeed without removing the band.

Organic cotton jersey fabric:

100% organic cotton fabric, without elastane and without the use of chemical additives
"GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standards" certified yarn
Dyed in full compliance with EU standards for infant garments
Machine washable at 40 °
Resistant to periodic washing, it does not bleed and does not shrink

The package contains:

1 babywearing headband


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Dark Sapphire, Moon Mist Grey, Silver Cloud, White Pepper, Amber Gold, Mild taupe