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Babylodge Montessori bed Aria 138 x 88 x 132 cm


Babylodge® Aria Montessori bed, entirely made in Italy, completely handcrafted, in the shape of a small house.

First quality solid evaporated beech, untreated and splinter-resistant.


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Babylodge® Aria Montessori bed with a house-shaped structure, handmade in Italy.

Montessori functionality, a great advantage for children and parents:

The absence of steps, bars and any other constricting element allows children to enter, exit or remain in complete freedom and safety.

Going to bed is no longer experienced as a constraint, but as an autonomous and playful activity, full of practical and emotional possibilities.
Among these, the closeness and direct contact with mom and dad, who will be able to manage falling asleep in a practical and natural way, sitting or lying down next to their child.

Babylodge® Aria Montessori bed with a house-shaped structure - to be decorated and customized at will - it is designed to stimulate the imagination and imagination of children.

Minimal design, beyond time and fashions: simple, linear and customizable in infinite ways with textiles and accessories

With these characteristics the cot goes beyond the mere function of a "bed": always accessible and autonomously, day after day it becomes the favorite place to play, grow, fantasize and experiment.

Suitable for all children up to approximately 6 years.

Ideal from crawling. With reducer for babies (baby nest), even from 0 months.

Extendable with the extension kit PLUS, for use up to 10 years of age.

Montessori house-shaped bed in premium quality solid evaporated beech: untreated, splinter-resistant and PEFC ™ certified.

100% natural wood - it does not contain paints, enamels or other impregnants - and of safe origin, coming from the state-owned forests of Germany with eco-sustainable management (no China, no Eastern Europe).

100% Italian craftsmanship: all elements are cut and planed by hand by Babylodge® master carpenters, then beveled one by one to eliminate sharp edges.

Solid and safe structure, with chromed steel fixings and pre-assembled joints, to withstand the most daring stunts.

Panel mattress-base with frame and transversal reinforcements in solid beech, to ensure constant and homogeneous support to the spine (no slats).

Easily inserted or removed without any assembly / disassembly intervention e reusable as a bulletin board or chalkboard as your child grows up.


Montessori bed in the shape of a house, handmade in Italy.
“Pure” Montessori approach: no bars, no steps and free access from all four sides.
Suitable for all children: from crawling (or from birth, with reducer for babies) and up to about 6 years.
Extendable up to 10 years of age with a special extension kit.
Solid and stable structure, stunt-proof.
Premium quality natural solid beech: splinterproof, PEFC ™ certified and no added paints or enamels.
Handcrafted and 100% Italian production.
Ultra clean design, out of time and fashions, with attention to the smallest details.
Mattress base included.

Mattress not included, sold separately.

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It is recommended to complete the ARIA bed with Babylodge® BOW, the natural handmade mattress expressly designed for the Babylodge® range (XL variant in case of use with extension kit).
However, all mattresses measuring 80 × 130 cm (or 80 × 160 cm with extension kit) are compatible.


Easy and for everyone: in just 5 minutes and with the help of a common screwdriver.


Bed frame: 88 x 138 cm (width x length). Height: 132 cm.
Mattress base: 80 x 130 cm (width x length). Thickness: 1,5 cm.

Bed frame: pure premium quality solid beech: untreated, splinter-resistant, PEFC ™ certified and sourced from environmentally-managed German state forests. Mattress base: beech plywood top, solid beech frame and reinforcements.

Screws and bushings in chromed steel.

Without packaging: about 15 kg.
With packaging: about 17 kg.

102 x 134 cm (width x length). Thickness: 10 cm.