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Babylodge CUBOTTO TABLE Montessori table


Montessori-inspired children's table to promote autonomy in play and learning.

Ideal from 12 months. Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 39 cm

Handmade in Italy with safe and certified raw materials and processes.

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Babylodge® CUBOTTO TABLE is a beautiful Montessori inspired children's table.

Strictly handmade in Italy with pure certified beech wood.

Designed by Babylodge® to accompany them in the growth and discovery of their skills, in a gradual path of autonomy and independence and with particular attention to design and materials.



Suitable from 12 months.

Montessori inspiration, to promote autonomy in play and learning. Ideal from 12 months.
Safe and stable, no visible fixing.
Harmonic, clean and linear design.
Perfect integration with CUBOTTO Montessori chair. Ideal in combination set.
Premium quality natural solid beech: anti-splinter, PEFC ™ or FSC certified and without the addition of paints or enamels.
Beech laminated veneer: patented, ultra-resistant and PEFC ™ certified.


Montessori functionality:

Consistent with the principles of the Montessori method, it is designed for children so as to encourage play and learning in an autonomous way and encourage confidence in their abilities.

Suitable from an early age, the children's table CUBE TABLE it is extremely manageable and proportionate to the needs of children, who can use it and move it without requiring the intervention of an adult.

We recommend the use of CUBE TABLE in a set combined with one or more Montessori chairs Babylodge® CUBOTTO.

Thanks to their perfectly integrated design, they can be hidden under the table, with important advantages in terms of space and aesthetics.

The set can be used from about 12 months, according to the motor skills of each child.


By overturning the CUBOTTO chair and adapting its position to the height of the child, the set becomes a long-lasting trusted companion, capable of combining autonomy, beauty and functionality.

CUBOTTO TABLE children's table set with CUBOTTO Montessori chair (side view):
Fig. 1) Set with n. 2 CUBOTTO chairs. Closed position.
Fig. 2) Set with n. 2 CUBOTTO chairs. Open position.
Fig. 3) Set with n. 1 CUBOTTO chair. Closed position.


CUBE TABLE it combines harmoniously with the whole range of products Babylodge®, to which it refers both in the materials and in the geometric relationship of sections and volumes.

Perfect in any environment, it is characterized by a marked aesthetic linearity.

All hardware is hidden: CUBOTTO TABLE comes delivered ready to use with no assembly required.

Thanks to its small size, its perfectly cubic geometry and the precious materials with which it is made, it fits naturally into any furnishing context.

wooden table and chairs set for children seen from above

Babylodge® CUBOTTO TABLE - Children's table with two Montessori chairs CUBOTTO - Open position

wooden table and chairs set for children seen from above

Babylodge® CUBOTTO TABLE - Children's table with two Montessori chairs CUBOTTO - Closed position

Made entirely by hand, in Italy, by Babylodge® master craftsmen.

All the wood used is PEFC ™ or FSC certified natural beech, guaranteeing the quality and safe origin of the raw materials.

Babylodge® uses only first choice beech, coming from German or Swiss state-owned forests with controlled and sustainable management (no China, no Eastern Europe).

In detail, to create CUBOTTO TABLE the following are used:
for the structure, 100% natural solid beech;
for the top, a special patented micro-laminate in beech, ultra-resistant and unique in its kind.
In addition, all profiles and corners are hand beveled to eliminate sharp edges, while the top is planed and sanded to ensure a velvety feel.

Finally, to enhance the completely natural raw material, CUBOTTO TABLE is not treated with any additional paint or enamel: only pure beech wood.


The package contains:

1 Babylodge® CUBOTTO TABLE

Montessori chair not included. Can be purchased separately.



Unpacked: 39 x 39 x 39 cm (width x length x height)
Packed: 40 x 40 x 40cm (width x length x height)

Raw material:

Structure: first selection solid beech, untreated, anti-splinter and PEFC ™ or FSC certified.
Platforms: beech laminated veneer, patented, anti-splinter and PEFC ™ or FSC certified.
All the wood used comes from the state-owned forests of Germany under controlled and sustainable management.


Without packaging: about 3 kg
With packaging: approx.3,5 kg