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Alondra Montessori bed Indy 70 x 140 cm 

Alondra Montessori bed Indy 70 x 140 cm 


Il Alondra Homy Montessori bed and composed of a sturdy and original structure in the shape of an Indian tent, white in color. ideal from birth up to about 5 years.

This offer includes: cot, tent, 70 × 140 cm mattress and removable duvet.


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Alondra Indy Montessori bed it is composed of a sturdy and original wooden structure, white in color. Ideal from birth up to about 5 years.

Alondra Homy Montessori bed has been designed for the assembly of an awning that can be opened or closed on the front, like an Indian tent.

The cot is Full optional, it includes: cot, curtain, mattress 70 × 140 cm * and removable duvet.

The crib encourages the child's independence, because it allows him to get on and off without the help of an adult, as the crib has no barriers and is no higher than 25cm.

The Montessori method consists in giving children more independence, even at bedtime. The Montessori-inspired beds by Lark they are characterized by the design in the shape of an Indian tent placed at floor level.

Measure: 70 x 140 cm

Montessori Alondra bed available in 6 colors: Carezza, Mare, Arena, Indiana Rosa, Indiana Blu, Mint

*Features Memory foam mattress :

Alondra Mattress Memory Visco bed for standard beds for Montessori beds or with sizes larger than the standard ones

Double lining: soft-touch quilted outer lining, protective inner lining
Anti-mite treatment
Reversible: can be used on both sides
Viscoelastic: 1,5 cm block of viscoelastic on both sides of the mattress sewn to the outer cover. Whole block of 3 cm viscoelastic.

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Arena, Arrow, Caress, Galaxy, Indian Blue, Indian Pink, Sea, Mint, Wind